Summer '00 to Summer '01

Danielle before she left for Austria

Dave Euchner campaigning at a rally in Provincetown.

Celebrating the 4th on the Esplenade with Amy, Sue, Danielle, Mike Shapiro, and Christina.

Danielle's kittens at around 3 weeks old?

In providence with Danielle, Amy, and Ian.

Alan stretching out on the couch in our Newbury St. apartment.

Our downstairs neighbors Bert and Mike rocking out with their band "I'm Thirsty."

The first Salon held at the new pad.

Zack and Lea having fun.

Me at my part-time job at the Copley Ritz Camera.

Me, hanging out with Sara

We play a bit of Tekken 'round here...

Hawver, myself, Ted, and Bry

Hawver, myself, Ted, and Bry before hitting Axis

529 Pride

Danielle and Xtina

Danielle has Xtina eating out of her hand...


Hawver's patented cupcake face. Note Christina's preferred reading material...

zack's pad

Chilling on Elliot St. with Zack and Rachel

zack's party

Playing Beirut at Zack's party 7/20/2000

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