Counterprotest Wrap-up

(Mostly cut and pasted out of my BON post)

Hey guys! The counterprotest went great, and I was impressed by how well it came together on such short notice. I just want to say thanks to everyone who was there and helped put it all together.

Heading in from the T

We met up at the Park St. T-stop a bit past 7 and got everything together; we passed out the orange T-shirts and signs, and ran over to Copy Cop to make 800 copies of our flyer ( Download it as a word file). It was 7:40 by the time we left for JFK/UMass, but we actually arrived at a good time. The protesters had started to settle down after their march and the less die-hard Naderphiles were starting to stream out, so we passed out flyers to them as we passed them on the way in. We were approached by a radio station reporter who followed us around for a few minutes and put Perich on a phone interview with his station-- he did a great job. We arrived at the street carnival and street debates and split up a bit. Some of us focused on passing out flyers, others on chanting free-market slogans, and Hawver joined in a discussion circle.


We re-coalesced at the end of Morrissey Blvd. where we did more chanting and passed out flyers to Palestinians leaving their prayer session, and then moved on to the most densely packed group of protesters along the police barricades. We passed out the bulk of our flyers in the next hour there and engaged in dozens of intense one-on-one debates that a lot of people paid attention to. (Bill and Scott were madmen!) We also met several other libertarians there (maybe a dozen all told) and exchanged web and email info with them. The shirts were very effective in attracting attention! By the time we left for Deli Haus around 11:30, the dozen of us passed out nearly all 800 of the flyers. A good time was had by all.

Heading to Delihaus on the T

If you couldn't make it to the protest, we still have 4 of our awesome t-shirts left. All are XL and are available for $10. First come, first served.

A total of $204 was spent organizing and supplying the event ($68 for the shirts themselves, $45 for silk screening, $44 for Xeroxing, $34 for transportation, $13 for sign materials). This left a $44 deficit that was covered by benevolent individuals.

Again, thanks everyone! It went great and I had a great time!

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