St. Patrick's Day 2001

As this picture demonstrates, we started drinking pretty early... Hawver started pouring salt into a frying pan and I thought it was so funny that I took this picture.

People started trickling into our place from the bars at a steady rate... after he got back, Mike started dancing jigs...

Mike demostrates his beer pong mastery.

In the end we had somewhere around 100 people over but most of them stayed downstairs by the kegs... I think Lea and Gregory got lost...

Fortunately they had their own beer, which attracted various hangers-on, like Danielle and Emily.

Alan groping a helpless Melissa

Melissa stole my camera from me long enough to get this shot of Eddy, Alan and myself.

Towards the end of the night, Danielle starts showing off her strength by tossing around Lea.
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