Texas Vacation Pictures

Feb. 19th - Feb. 25th, 2024

Ben touching his first moon rock at NASA Johnson Space Center!

Angelina touching a moon rock...

...along with Cece

Me and Uncle Aaron in front of the Apollo 17 capsule

Ben looking cute on the tram

Family photo at Mission Control

Me and the kids recreating a photo from our 2016 trip

Ben having fun at the Houston Children's Museum

Lea and Ben doing a science experiment together

Cece, Ben, and Me goofing around

Ben enjoying the museum exhibits

Me and Lea at the Alamo

Family photo at the Alamo

Lea and Ben at Sea Life

Cece petting an anenome

Me and Uncle Aaron having fun at the Higgins Armory Exhibit at the San Antonio Museum of Art

The family enjoying the San Antonio Zoo together

who wore it better?

Lea looking cute in my hat at the zoo

Mom, Dad, and Uncle Aaron enjoying the Strand in Galveston

While we were there the kids took pictures dressed up as pirates!

Ben stopping for ice cream

Lea posing for a picture

Cece with ice cream

Ben and Lea at the Moody Mansion

Me and the girls outside the Moody Mansion

Cece and Ben having fun at the King Tut exhibit at the Houston Museum of Natural Science

Angelina doing battle with a dinosaur!

Recreating another photo from 2016

Cece and a Triceratops fossil

Ben with some of his favorite dinosaurs

Cece recreating one last photo from 2016

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