Winter 2023-2024 Pictures

Cece helping Ben light the menorah

Axis and Allies at Jim's house

Lea performing with Coro Dante

Cece and Nanny decorating the tree

Cece putting the star on the tree

Ben's class at the Pirandello school performing their winter concert

Ben having fun

Christmas Eve dinner

Christmas presents wrapped and under the tree

Lea relaxing on Christmas morning

Angelina ready to open presents

Opening stocking stuffers

Cece admiring a gift from Grammy and Grandpa

Ben opening a present

Lea opening a book

Lea and Ben trying out a new phonics toy

Angelina trying out one of her new cubes

Ben opening a present

Ben showing Cece a new lego set

Grampa on Christmas morning...

... with Grammy and Nanny

Cece enjoying some Moriah Elizabeth merch

Angelina and Cece opening a resin art set together

Cal and Lea

The kids relaxing on a new beanbag together

Angelina starting in on a stack of new books

Ben showing off his new Creeper on the way to Christmas dinner

Grammy and Grandpa in front of Uncle Tony and Aunt Celeste's tree

Ben showing off his writing for us

New Years Eve party

Lea putting Jack, Ben, and Nicky to bed on New Years Eve

Watching the ball drop with friends

Angelina's birthday party

Welcoming cousins from Sicily at Lea's cousin Celeste's

Ben enjoying the finer things in a five year old's life.

Cece enjoying the snow

Watching squirrels with Cal

Munchkin with Jim & Jeffrey

Angelina running a D&D game with Cece, James, and Jeffrey

Out for a valentine's day dinner with my best girl

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