Sicily 2023 Pictures

Ben ready for adventures

Exploring the neighborhood

Rules are rules!

Lea had just asked Ben to say what he did that day and he responded “I peed on a wall.”

Visiting Auntie Angelina

Angelina having fun

Cece on the beach at Casteldaccia

Ben playing on the beach at the end of our street

Cece and Angelina enjoying the warm Mediterranean water

Ben playing in the water

In Catania with Ben

Enjoying Castello Ursino together

Lea taking in the Roman Theater...

... with Cece and Angelina

Doppelgängers of our kitties that we came across in Catania!

Angelina and Cece at the Greek Theater of Syracuse

At the Fountain of Diana

Exploring Syracuse

Back on our street in Santa Flavia


Ben enjoying a nutella sandwich for breakfast

Lea relaxing with a book

Angelina enjoying the view of the Valley of the Temples from our Airbnb in Agrigento

The view from our blacony there!

Fun in Agrigento

It was a big climb through the city to get to the cathedral...

...but Ben still had a lot of energy!

The view was worth it!

Angelina and Cece taking it all in

A Ben-sized door

Angelina excited to see the temples

Angelina, Cece, and Lea in front of the Temple of Juno

Angelina and Cece at the Temple of Concordia

The family together behind the Temple of Concordia

Me at the Temple of Hercules

Cece exploring

Me and Ben at the Temple of Castor and Pollux

Who wore it better?

Ben trying on my sunglasses

Cece and Angelina with Porticello in the background

Me and Lea at the Antica Solunto restaurant

Playing Ticket to Ride: Italy together

At the cathedral in Cefalu

Outside the Cefalu walls

Cece recreating a picture that we took during our last trip in 2016

Angelina doing the same

Cece and Ben back at the beach

Dinner with Rosa, Joseph, and Pietro

Visiting our cousins Brendan and Luisa at their place

Out for gelato with Nick

View of Porticello from the ruins at Solunto

Me, Angelina, and Cece recreating another 2016 photo

It's amazing to be able to just wander around these ancient ruins and imagine what life might have been like here thousands of years ago

Exploring the ancient streets

Ben climbing around

Family picture with Rosa, Pietro, Joseph, and Pepino before heading back home

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