Summer 2023 Pictures

Kim, Gina, and Lea at Reggie's 1st birthday party

Cal has trained us to allow him free use of the kitchen counter

Shooting lessons with Young Jae

Cece trying out Young Jae's .22 pistol...

...and my favorite revolver

Angelina was able to handle the recoil nicely!

Cece using Young Jae's SIG P320

Learning to operate a AR-15

Cece firing from prone

Angelina trying it out

Playing some classic Ogre with Young Jae and Matt at the '80s gaming weekend that we hosted...

...while Angelina ran her first roleplaying game with Cece, James, and Jeffery

Learning about RC planes from Mary

Getting hands on

Cece flying an RC plane with Vinny, Mary, and Rajin

Mary launching an RC plane

Flying Angelica's drone

Ben at the petting zoo that they brought to his daycare

Drone selfie with Angelina

A self-portrait that Angelina drew

Ben having fun with his stuffies

Cece making her own knife at Firebrand Swords in Providence

Heat treating the blade

Angelina grinding her blade into shape

Using the grinder in different ways get the desired result

Angelina heat treating her blade...

... removing it from the forge...

... and quenching it in oil...

... with dramatic results!

Cece cleaning up the epoxy used on the handle...

... and working the handle into shape

Cece looking proud of her finished product!

Angelina working on her handle

Angelina with her finished knife!

Flying the drone around Matt's house

Ben's 5th birthday party!

Celebrating with Rob and Young Jae

Angelina showing off the present that she made for Ben, a crochetted bee

Playing games with friends up on the roof deck

Boating with Brian while visiting him on the Cape

Angelina and Cece enjoying the ride

Ben having fun on the beach

Splashing in the surf!

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