Summer 2019 Pictures

Angelina and Cece snuggling for warmth while blasted by AC at a restaurant

Getting into the spirit of Cece's Pac Man themed 8th birthday party...

Lea bringing out the cake

Singing "Happy Birthday"

Blowing out the candles

Lea and Ben enjoying the nice weather on the front porch

Ben on the dance floor of "Dancing With the Court Stars"

Ben playing around

The girls looking cute

Cece and Ben dancing before heading out for B's July Fourth BBQ

Ben with a toy broom, one of his favorite things

Cece ready for camp

Teddy catching some rays

Ben visiting Boompa and Maryanne

Ben and Matteo's baptism

Churchy things

Family photo outside the church

Goofing around with Cece on her way to camp

Ben right after getting his first haircut

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