2019 Wyoming Vacation Pictures

8/4/19 - 8/9/19

Cece modeling her new hat...

...and Angelina in hers

We wound down our first day bonding with the local geeks!

Lea and Ben enjoying the art gallery at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West

Angelina and Cece drawing the view from the gallery

Cece admiring the scenery

Angelina with her finished piece

Me appreciating some of finer work of John Moses Browning at the Cody Firearms Museum

Cece taking a break from the museum to ride a horse

Dominic gave it a try

Cece having fun

Angelina persuading her horse to move

Rosalia was a natural

Me and Ben enjoying the scenery en route to Yellowstone Park

Cece, Ben, and Lea checking out one of the dozens of hot springs around Yellowstone Lake

Celebrating Ben's 1st birthday in the park

Angelina exploring...

...along with Cece

On the continental divide!

Me and Ben waiting for the geyser at Old Faithful

Ben enjoying the view

The girls having fun...

...and entertaining Ben!

Lea and Ben

Cece and Angelina watching the show!

Looking cute

Lea and Me at Old Faithful

Lea, me, Cece and Angelina

Angelina, Rosalia, and Cece on their way to the Grand Prismatic Spring

The colors were amazing

Me and Cece taking in the view

The steam was intense!

Angelina, Rosalia, and Cece posing together

Dominic at the Grand Prismatic Spring

Angelina standing next to one of the incredible mineral displays

Bison Rush Hour! These guys held up traffic for hours on our way out of the park.

Angelina at the "Mud Volcano"

Starting off on a trail ride along the Shoshone river!

The guide snapped a bunch of family photos

Cece having the time of her life


Me and Lea together


Me and Clyde

Enjoying the scenery

Heading back uphill

On the trail back

Angelina checking out an exhibit at the Old Trail Town

Me and Dominic

Ben toddling around!

Ben enjoying the Cody Firearms Museum

He went straight for the 1911s, just like me!

Cece trying out the mechanical bull at the Cody Night Rodeo!

Angelina giving it a try

Rosalia thought it was great

Best. Picture. Ever.

Enjoying the show together!

Dominic, Me, and Ben

A great end for a wild trip!

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