Fall 2019 Pictures

The girls on their way to their first day of school

Lea putting the finishing touches on Dominic's birthday cake...

...which he enjoyed!

Making Ben's lunch

Ben bringing his lunch to school

Teddy hanging out on the front porch

Lea and Ben playing

Angelina playing in her first Magic prerelease tournament (Throne of Eldraine!)

Angelina and Cece on Zack's giant backyard swing

Cece riding a pony at King Richard's Faire

Angelina riding a pony

Ben in a Dragon costume at the Faire

Angelina and Cece after having their faces painted

Cece ready to slay the dragon!

Angelina ready for her turn

In their Halloween costumes

Learning to Shoot at Mass Rifle Association in Woburn! Cece trying out the Henry Golden Boy...

...and Angelina with a Ruger mkII (Cece is wearing ear plugs in this pic instead of the muffs)

Angelina passing out programs at the door for Boompa and Maryanne's wedding...

...along with Cece

Me and Ben before the service started

Angelina and Cece at the reception

Lea and Boompa having a great time...

...while Maryanne snuggles with Ben

Lea posing next to the "Cefalu" ice sculpture

Me and Ben looking sharp together

Me, Ben, and Dominic having fun

Cece's turn posing with the ice sculpture

Boompa singing to Maryanne

Dominic taking care of little Nicky

Angelina taking her turn

The girls enjoying the Butterfly Garden at the Museum of Science

Lea and Ben

Angelina showing off her section of the city assembled in her class at the Milton Academy Saturday Course

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