Winter 2018 - 2019 Pictures

Angelina and Ben looking cute together

Cece lighting the menorah

Cece putting the star on the tree

Cece helping Mama out making Christmas cookies

Hanging out with Ben in the game room

Teddy enjoying having a tree in the house

Ben and Grandpa

Grammy, Ben, and Grandpa enjoying Christmas Eve together

Me and Ben getting ready for Christmas

Presents wrapped and under the tree!

Angelina and Cece ready to start Christmas morning festivities

Benjamin joining the fun

Cece bringing over the stockings

Helping Ben unstuff his stocking

Ben enjoying his new space activity center

Angelina loves her new unicorn necklace

Cece excited about her new Eevee playmat


Grammy and Grandpa brought a 3D printer for the family!

Grammy and Ben

Teddy taking over Ben's space chair

Ben and Boompa getting ready for Christmas Dinner

Me and Ben enjoying the fire after Christmas Dinner

Post-Christmas lego assembly

Angelina's birthday party with good friends

Benjamin at play

Nonna and Benjamin goofing around

Benjamin hanging out with Matt and Courtney

Ready for school (in 7 degree F weather)

Angelina looking pretty

Benjamin taking a nap after his swimming lesson

Getting into the spirit at Great Wolf Lodge

The girls learning the finer points of Skee-ball with their Mama

Angelina conquering the ropes course at Great Wolf Lodge! (While Cece and Grandpa play air hockey down below)

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