Summer 2018 Pictures

Cece ready for her first day of camp!

Angelina and Cece

Cece and Courtney at our July 4th get-together

Teddy, our new resident murdercat, plotting the dismemberment of the local wildlife

Angelina showing off the teddy bear that she made at camp

Angelina swimming in the deep end of the YMCA pool

Snuggling on the couch

he said that he looked 'fully inflated.'

Matt meeting Benjamin

Lea and Benjamin enjoying each other's company

Sisterly love

Cece asked to take one of me holding Benjamin

Benjamin looking happy in Lea's arms

Cece snuggling with Benjamin

The girls goofing around at Spot and Kate's house

The girls offering Ben a pacifier

Benjamin Day 1 Pictures

Benjamin Week 1 Pictures

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