Fall 2018 Pictures

On the couch together

Lea holding Ben

Nanny multitasking with Ben and Teddy

Me and Ben hanging out

Cece riding a unicorn at King Richard's Faire

Angelina on her unicorn ride

Cece on a ride

Angelina's ride

Cece attempting to climb a Jacob's ladder. Fortunately there was plenty of hay...

Angelina is entertained by Cece's efforts

Angelina and Cece

Cece modeling her new tiara

More family snuggles!

Ben showing a bit of a smile

Angelina and Cece waiting in line at the Hello Kitty Food Truck in Somerville

Cece pleased with her haul of snacks

Angelina similarly pleased

Hanging out together in Teddy's new catbed Ben's crib

Me and Ben

Ben meeting his cousin Matteo

Rob keeping his promise to eat applesauce in a bid to get the girls to eat their dinners

Ben looking peaceful

Ben laughing himself silly

Great shot of Cece taken as part of a school project

Lea vs. Ben: who wore it better?

Ben leading the Halloween parade at his new daycare

Ben in his Tigger suit


Angelina as a witch, Cece as a mermaid

Cece in her costume

Ben on a gorgeous blanket made by Lea's aunt Martha

Ben and his Nonna

Dominic and Angelina playing a game of Magic while waiting for Thanksgiving Dinner

Angelina and Grammy

Thanksgiving Dinner

Ben at play

Lea and Ben

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