Winter 2017 Pictures

Lea decorating the tree

All presents wrapped and time for bed on Xmas eve!

The girls on Xmas morning

Opening presents together

Cece and Grandpa

Opening their biggest presents from Nana

Playing with a marble chute they got from their cousins

Lea made a Care Bears birthday cake to Angelina's specifications for her birthday

Blowing out the candles!

Angelina and I attended Arisia, the major local science fiction convention, for the first time in 2018! Angelina had a lot of fun with the kid's SCA events there.

An unexpected bit of news!

Lea's brother Nick assisted us in our gender reveal festivities. The blue narwhal in the box means that we're expecting a boy!

Angelina and Cece pretending to be too tired to leave the playground. This shot reminds me a bit of this older one.

Craig looking comfy on a stack of bedding

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