Feb. 2018 Disney Cruise Pictures

Lea and I at the hotel restaurant in Florida before our departure

In line to embark!

Posing for a family picture on our way in

Angelina found a cozy spot to enjoy the view on the ship right away

Cece looking pretty

Lea relaxing on the ship

Angelina on the room's balcony as we arrive in Nassau

Posing together before swimming with the dolphins at Dolphin Cay

Cece playing in the surf

Tracy, the awesome dolphin that we got to hang out with

Dad and the girls at dinner

Cece posing with Cinderella

Cece hugging from Cinderella

The girls excited to meet Pluto

Cece dancing with Lea after getting intro salsa lessons from Donald Duck

Angelina determined to get Tiana's autograph after near misses at both Disney Land and Disney World

Cece chatting with Tiana

Cece and Tiana

Angelina excited to finally meet Tiana

Stopping to play with Goofy on the way to the beach at Castaway Cay

Cece in her snorkeling gear

Me and Angelina snorkeling with stingrays with the ship in the background

Me on the beach

Lea catching up on some reading

Me and Angelina getting back on the ship

Angelina loved reading on the balcony

Cece and grandma at dinner

Angelina and Cece after getting mermaidified at the "Bibbity Bobbity Boutique"...

... although Angelina's face paint only lasted a few minutes before she rubbed it all over the place!

The girls with Cinderella

Getting Belle's autograph

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