Winter 2015 - 2016 Pictures

In December we hosted an appreciation dinner for Lea's Dad and Uncle Tony, who helped us so much with the renovations

Cece reading "Hop on Pop" to Lea!

The girls decorating a ginger bread house...

... with some help from Lea.

Cece having fun with her swimming lessons

Angelina putting the star on the tree

All decorated!

Christmas Eve dinner at our place

The girls found some used up wrapping paper tubes, and hillarity ensued...

Cece was impresed with the haul on Christmas morning

The girls going through their stockings...

...and Mom, going through hers

Starting to open presents

Cece starting with some small ones

Angelina, happy as always to have new books to read...

... which seems to run in the family!

Lea showing off her new office memo pad

Cece enjoying her new Batman watch

Cece opening a pack of shopkins

The girls were excited to get their own Wild Krats power vests

Angelina excited to get her own pack of shopkins

Cece modeling a Christmas ornament given to us by our new neighbors

Post-presents snuggling

Dominic liked the Boba Fett sweatshirt I got him

Cece loved her Dinosaur hat

Angelina decked out in her new spy gear

Mike and B at our place for New Years Eve

Zack, Mike, Chanel, Glyn, and Kris

Craig thinks that Angelina's miniature recliner is just the right size

Cece playing in the snow

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