Angelina's 5th Birthday Party, Jan. 6 2014

The delicious crown-shaped chocolate cake that Lea baked!

This year we decided to celebrate Angelina's birthday with her school friends, and after some research booked the Sunday after her birthday at My Gym in Norwell. As soon as Angelina and Cece got there and started exploring, we knew that it would be a fun day.

As Angelina's friends, mostly from school, arrived they joined in the activities...

... starting with stretching

While the older kids did their thing, Cece wanted to explore the place!

Angelina and her friends dancing

Cece loved the slide there...

... and the ball pit!

A great smile from the birthday girl!

Gavin and Cece hanging out in the ball pit...

while Angelina got to ride on a mattress swing

Cece running around

Angelina and friends playing a game

Gavin, still in the ball pit!

Lighting the candles

Angelina blowing out her candles

Angelina getting a zipline ride

Angelina being carried to the final festivities by one of our hosts! Everyone had a great time, and Angelina was glad that so many of her friends came by to share the day with her.

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