Winter 2013-2014 Pictures

Angelina can't walk past a tiara without putting it on

Matt reading to the girls

Angelina and Cece ready to head outside and play in the snow

Angelina telling me that it's never too cold out to play outside

On Christmas Eve we always let the kids open one present each. Angelina found an immediate use for her new play table.

Fully loaded Christmas Tree

Mom and Dad ready for Christmas morning

Cece and Angelina opening their new dollhouse

Cece loved her new dinosaur puppet

Dominic was excited to get Warhammer 40k figures for the army he's starting

Angelina opening up a furniture set for her dollhouse

Rosalia signalling her approval of the giant bag of Swedish Fish that she got

Mom reading one of her presents

Cece opening an Octonauts figure

Lea modelling her new Star Fleet Apron and USS Enterprise Pizza Cutter

Dominic and Angelina performing at their post-dinner Christmas show (I think Cece was collecting tickets)

Portrait of Mr. Claw

Lea's Dad playing with Cece

Lea with her Uncle Tony

Angelina and Cece goofing around

Angelina and Cece ready for their first ski trip at Waterville Valley

Me on the slopes

Dominic and Lea's Dad on the chairlift

Pictures from our Angelina's 5th Birthday Party

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