Spring and Summer 2013 Pictures

Cece's first chocolate rabbit meeting its fate

Cece exploring the sculpture garden at the Dr. Seuss museum in Springfield

Lea reading to the girls at the gift shop there

Out for a family walk in the neighborhood

Angelina having fun on a swan boat at the Boston Public Garden

Dominic borrowed this helmet while we were waiting in line for the Star Wars re-enactor's exhibit at the Higgins Armory

Me showing the storm troopers who's boss...

... and chilling with Darth Vader

Cece enjoying a pony ride at a random petting zoo set up in a parking lot in Framingham

I want to go in the bouncy house! No pony rides!

Angelina trying her absolute best to not enjoy a pony ride

Playing "pin the cutie mark on the pony" at Cece's birthday party-- Angelina went first and nailed it

Nathan and Gavin thought it was great fun to blindfold each other...

... and they enjoyed the game, too

Blowing out the candles!

Cece taking it all in

Everyone enjoyed the cake

Cece had great fun playing with the decorations

Angelina with her cousin Joseph

Me with the birthday girl in my lap

The kids running around in the backyard near the end of the party

Angelina teaching Cece to blow bubbles on our front steps

Cece lounging at Matt and Courtney's co-birthday/housewarming party at their new house in Framingham

Catching Rob by surprise for his 40th birthday!

Cece and Rosalia making friends with one of Matt and Liz's bunnies

Rosalia making butterscotch oatmeal cookie ice cream (from scratch) and using liquid nitrogen to speed up the process at Matt and Liz's Ice Cream Party

Angelina playing with her friend Caleb at the ice cream party

Angelina and Cece on the beach for 4th of July Fireworks at Hough's Neck

Cece looking adorable

Parker's birthday party!

Angelina playing Batman with her friends Nathan and Gavin

Pictures from our August 2013 Vacation in NH

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