2013 New Hampshire Vacation Pictures

Getting the trip started at Canobie Lake Park!

We met up with Angelina's friend Caleb, and the two of them had a great time going on rides together

Cece had zero fear and loved every ride that she was allowed on at Canobie Lake Park.

The next day we went to the Polar Caves, where they had some friendly Fallow Deer and ducks to feed

Cece loved the deer

Me and the girls posing with a Polar Caves mascot

Angelina leading the way to the caves...

... with Cece right behind her

Dominic and Rosalia had a great time exploring

Dominic in one of the larger caves

Angelina insisted on bringing a teddy bear she'd won at Canobie Lake Park with her, but chose to skip a couple of the darker caves because he was scared

Cece had zero fear, although she needed help on some of the steeper and slipperier parts... it was a bit of a workout for me and Lea!

At the gift shop they sold bags of dirt you could sift through to find various interesting rocks, and the girls had fun hunting for treasure with Lea Cefalu-Serwetman at Polar Caves

Dominic and Rosalia ready to do ziplining at Alpine Adventures

Me and Dominic in our gear

Rosalia starting a zip...

... and on her way out a few seconds later

You don't scare me! Work on it!

I asked Dominic for his war face right before he jumped

Dominic on the move

At the end there was a professional photographer who got pics of Rosalia having a great time...

... and Dominic, too.

The three of us together after we finished at Alpine Adventures NH

Angelina and Cece at Whale's Tale Water Park

Dominic, Angelina, Lea, and I stopped at a scenic overlook on our way to Story Land

Angelina and Cece checking out a tiny house at Story Land

Me and Cece on a ride together

Dominic trying out Cinderella's throne

Rosalia taking a turn on Cinderella's throne

Angelina and Cece in a miniature pumpkin coach!

Cece on an antique carousel

Cece was of course drawn to the viking helmet at the gift shop

Angelina had her face painted for the first time...

... and Rosalia got a glitter tattoo.

Lea waiting to go on a ride

Lea and the girls on a ferris wheel

Cece and Rosalia in a flying shoe...

... while Lea and Angelina follow in their own

Rosalia and me on the Bamboo Chute log ride

Cece in a tree at the Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Factory in Vermont

Cece getting ready to catch Rosalia as she gets down from the tree

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