Fall 2013 Pictures

Angelina proudly displaying a picture of space she made for me

Angelina and Cece reading together

Lea's grandmother holding Cece

Dominic attempting to slay a Dragon at King Richard's Faire

Cece, sitting tall in the saddle

Angelina trying to slay a Dragon

I want to go in the bouncy house! No pony rides!

Rosalia trying on her Halloween costume

Dominic looking very scary in his

Angelina and Cece ready to go out trick or treating

Cece wearing her dinosaur costume. She insisted that her doll ride the dinosaur, too.

Lea and I went as Starfleet officers for Halloween

My Aunt Judy took this picture of Angelina admiring a crystal at this year's family gathering

Family picture taken while we were there

Meeting Baby Abby, our newest cousin

Pictures from our August 2013 Vacation in NH

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