Angelina in Quincy

Febuary 2009 through April 2009

Angelina's continuing to grow and learn how to use her body. She's smiles and laughs when we play with her, she holds her head up to look around, and she seems like she'll be crawling any day now. We've adjusted to Lea's return to work and mostly finished unpacking at the new place Quincy, thanks to lots of help from Lea's grandmother and my mom!

Our bed has gotten crowded these days...

Angelina explaining what she wants to me.

My dad, playing with Angelina while helping me with some work on the house.

Lea introducing Angelina to the crib we set up in her room.

Lea carrying Angelina through the kitchen.

Me and Angelina at B's birthday party along with Hillary, Amy, Nate, and Gavin.

Angelina sitting on my lap.

Angelina hanging out with us on the couch.

Holding her head up and trying to crawl!

Making faces for the camera while we were packing up to head out to our family gathering at Aunt Judy's.

Angelina smiling for Lea's grandmother while visiting for Easter.

She seems to enjoy having lots of people around!

Angelina looking confused, but cute.

Posing with her cousins Rosalia and Nicolette.

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