Angelina's First Month

January 2009

Having Angelina home with us has been great fun and hard work. We can't say people didn't warn us! Fortunately Lea was able to take a 6 week leave from work, which made the adjustment much easier on all of us. Lea's been a great mom, and I've been doing what I can to help out. Some nights have been tougher than others, but overall its been great fun to watch her grow and develop.

Angelina dozing while Lea holds her.

Angelina looking peaceful, sleeping in our bed.

Angelina in her customary sleeping position. She did a lot of sleeping her first couple weeks!

In her car seat, ready to see the world (when she wakes up). Note the awesome handknitted hat made by our friend Sara!

Courtney and Matt hanging out with our little girl :)

Lea walking with Angelina.

Brushing her hair after her first bath...

... which promptly reverted to its usual state.

Rob holding Angelina.

Sacked out on our bed, looking cute.

She spends a lot more time awake these days.

Kelly was excited to meet her!

Brian, having fun playing with her.

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