Spring 2004


In March I discovered the joys of sporting clays at MRA...

Trapper ready!

...and Zack finally found a projectile launcher he was competent to operate :)

Lea at her desk, enjoying some Lambic beer.

Lea with Gina and Kim, who came over after Lea's bridal shower to help out with the wedding invitations.

Rachelle and Matt shortly before we left for Axis...

B came with Amy... with Dave and Andrea, Lea and myself, we went as four Jewish/Catholic couples that night, plus Graham. Funny coincidence...

Lea with Amy, Kate, Kim, and Margy at her Bachellorette Party.

Lea with Melissa, who was recently engaged to Jeremy Spilman, at Zack and Kristina's engagement party.

Jaime and Melanie at the engagement party.

Zack and Kristina.

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