Bachelor Party

Montreal, April 30 - May 2, 2004

Dave, Eric, Jeff, Glynn, and Matt met up with me at my place on Friday and piled into the mini-van. We left around 6:00 and got to the hotel around midnight... pretty good time considering that we stopped for dinner. We crossed the border without incident and Eric took the final shift at the wheel. He raced a bit with a random French dude in a Muscle Car, who was impressed with the mini-van's performance, and tried asking us in broken English what type of transmission it had... We checked in at the hotel and hit Supersex, the most famous strip club in town, until they closed, and then crashed.

Bling bling!

We left the hotel around noon the next day and stopped for some cash on St. Catherine's Street. Here's Glyn flashing a wad of $14.60 bills...


We hit up Schwartz's for a smoked meat lunch (good stuff!)

waiting for Smoked Meat

We had the waiter take this one of the group...

Matt + Dave

...and then this one, 'cuz you can't see Matt in the first one.

to the casino!

And then we headed out to catch a cab to the casino. Unfortunately, the casino sucked. I think we all got reprimanded for something or another, and they didn't have any open cheap blackjack tables, a poker room, or any sports betting (the Kentucky Derby was going on while we were there). We left and headed for the Metro.

Genuine Montreal Beaver

Finding the Metro turned out to be a long trek through a big park-type area. We came across this random beaver on our way through.

And then we found this geodesic dome. Matt was challenged to climb it, which he did. He got about 30 feet or so up before someone told on him and the security guy came out to reprimand him.

Before yielding his lofy perch, Matt took this shot of the guard threatening to call the cops.

After that we headed back to the hotel for a few friendly hands of poker and then went out again. We went to Peel's Pub to start the night off with dinner, drinks and dancing, and then went to another strip club, a dance club, and then to an Irish pub. We made it back to the hotel nearly without incident and crashed hard. We packed up and headed out as soon as we woke up. I picked up a bottle of Johnie Walker Gold for $42 at the duty-free, and we crossed back into the states. A great trip and a hell of a party all around!

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