Summer 2003 Pictures

Kristina describing Zack to Robert...

Lea and her niece Rosalia at a wedding in June.

Lea putting the finishing touches on her new computer.

Andrea, Helene, Lea, Peter, and Dave out for a Sunday afternoon of shooting at the the Firing Line. Andrea, Helene, and Ted had never shot before, but did quite well without much coaching!

On the beach in Revere for morning on the Fourth

The rest of our crew that day

Lea, Helene, and Bri chilling in our living room.

Helene, about to ride with Lea and I to Kate's party.

Kate's party in Roslindale

Kate striking a pose...

Zack at the party.

Helene and me.

Mike at Helene's party in Southboro.

Me with Dave, Aksel, and Andrea at Helene's.

Bri and Helene chilling at my place.

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