Bar Construction/Getting a Raise/Back to School/Welcoming Mike Party

September 20, 2003

Zack after he and I started work on the bar the week after Lea and I finished painting the place.

Lea and our new roommate, Mike, admiring the finished product, completed hours before our guests started arriving.

Veronika, Kate, and Eric's cousin Ari testing it out...

Paul, Mike, and DJ hanging out.

Zack serving drinks.

'B' and Amy having a good time. I may never forget the night that 'B' brought me a six-pack of Guinness...

TJ, Heather, Scott and Scott's charming lady friend, Julie.

Kate took this one of Lea and me in the kitchen.

I wish I could remember what story I was telling V in this one... it looks like it must have been pretty good :)

Anna waiting for her next drink.

Lea, Kristina, and Kate striking their poses in front of the bar.

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