Spring 2003

(okay, I'm being a little aribitrary. March 2003 on, even if there was snow on the ground in mid April...)

I took this pic of Snorkel with my camera phone during the week I was trying it out. (It was super cool, but not quite worth the cost of the service)

On March 9th Lea and I invited our parents out for dinner so they could meet each other and it went quite well.

We all had a great time.

Lea feeding a kitten her family was taking care of while Snorkel looks on.

Dave giving his IP talk at the March 2003 salon.

My friend Scum taking aim at the annual Reading highpower clinic.

Lea rocking the Hello Kitty Stadium Jacket I got her for her birthday, managing to look even cuter than usual.

Our friend Sara, who came up from NYC to check out our new place.

Lea showing off the engagement ring I bought her!!!

Me showing off my new M1A rifle, which will be seeing some serious use this summer in highpower competition.

Also check out the pictures from our party on May 10th
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