Housewarming/Lea's Birthday/Engagement/Employment Party

May 10th 2003

We had a lot to celebrate last weekend and we did it in style. Thanks to all those who came, shared the fun with us, and left us with enough beer to last us a couple months :) My shooting was a bit erratic that night, so I didn't catch everyone, but we had over 30 guests, including a lot of friends I haven't seen in a long time. We'll definitely have to do it again sometime soon.

Bry brought some tasty stuff, including some "Arrogant Bastard Ale"

Zack eventually made his way over with the ice we were waiting for :)

Kate and V making faces at me

Helene, lurking in her corner...

Bill and James

Bry, Rob, and Glynn

Veronika and Kim

Mike and Eric

Graham and Lenny

Jason took this one of me and Luis...

Jeff, making a rare appearance :)

Graham and Lea

Veronika posing for the traditional "V with a drink in hand" shot.

Heather and her roommate Alyssa

Jason, Luis, and Zack sharing some Jack Daniels.

Jess with Luis' sister Heidi

Robert taking a picture in our backyard with Glyn, Zack, Hawver, and Bill in the background.

Glyn, Zack and Bill smoking cigars generously provided by my Jeff, my new housemate.

Rob and Sharon, shortly before I made my exit for the evening...

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