1987 to UMass

See? I was a cute kid!

Dad during a vacation in New Hampshire, I think.

Zoomed in shot of Bri and I in a soccer team photo from 1988.

Mom and I chillin' at the Von Trapp Family Lodge in 1989.

Me touching a moonrock at the Air and Space Museum in DC.

My theatrical debut in my high school senior class show.

Me, Alan, and Bri at our prom in May 1995.

All loaded up to start at UMass in September '95.

Freedom! My first dorm room at UMass, which I shared with Bri. Note the appropriate display of props given to the Beastie Boys.

Bri hanging out in our sophomore year room.

For Hallloween '96 I joined a bunch of guys I knew from Coolidge, who went as KISS.

David Heyes, myself, and Bri posing in one of the committee rooms on Capitol Hill while we were there on an AIPAC trip in '96.

At Sarah's prom in May '97.

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