Fall 2023 Pictures

Cal and Ben in my lap

Ben dressed up in his dinosaur costume for King Richard's Faire

Lea and me at the faire

Cece riding towards her quarry...

... and expertly taking the ring from the clutches of the dragon!

The operator of the ride proclaiming Cece's deeds

Angelina taking her turn

stay on target

Angelina in action

Angelina finally defeats her nemesis after years of attempts!

Angelina being knighted

Proudly displaying their certificates of knighthood (there may have been a bit of grade inflation for Ben's)

Angelina riding a horse

Ben having fun riding a unicorn

Cece enjoying her ride

Me and Ben goofing around

Cece looking regal her wings and tiara

Angelina having fun

Striking poses together

Family photo with Young Jae and Monika

Spending Columbus day on the cape catching up with Alan and Bri

Ben and Nicky celebrating Rosalia's birthday

Nero riding around the house in the pocket of my sweater

Cece embracing some 1990s fashion

Angelina (as JD from "Heathers") heading out for a Halloween party with Rachel (as Effie Trinket from "Hunger Games")

Cece as Tsu from "My Hero Academia"

Ben as a Minecraft creeper

Cece's first Magic prerelease tournament

Wiz-War with friends

Ben climbing in the park down the street

Ben smiling and ready for a day of school

Shooting with Young Jae and Rob in New Bedford

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