Winter 2022 - 2023 Pictures

Ben and his classmates performing at the Pirandello School Christmas show!

Cece looking happy before Christmas Eve dinner

Lea assembling the Christmas Eve lasagna

Cece and Jumbo

Angelina enjoying Christmas Eve dinner

Christmas Eve dinner with Grammy, Grampa, and Rosalia

Ben trying tenderloin

Presents wrapped and assembled in the general vicinity of the tree at Boompa's!

Starting to open presents Christmas morning

Cece helping Ben and Nicky with their presents

Cece amused by her "No step on snek" patch...

... and Angelina with hers

Lea helping Nicky open a present

Ben liked his dinosaur costume

and Angelina loved her Totoro sweatshirt

Ben passing Nicky a book

a fun present from Maryanne

Cece trying to balance on it...

...and Lea giving it a try as well

Lea excited by soft, fluffy towels

One of Angelina's favorite books printed on a blanket

Boompa, Grampa, and Grammy having fun watching the kids

Ben trying to figure out a new transformer toy

Angelina and Cece sitting at the kid's table for dinner at Uncle Tony's on New Years Day.

Angelina looking pretty

Ben in his Spiderman pajamas

Playing with his trains

Hosting our "home reheating party" celebrating our return to our own house after the renovation

the grown-ups having fun downstairs...

... while the kids play some Magic together up in the attic

Nero glad to be back home

Cece ready for some fun at Great Wolf Lodge during February vacation

Benjamin trying out the little kids' ropes course...

while Angelina and Cece go through the higher up ropes course

Cece ready to move

Lea and Ben driving a submarine together

Ben enjoying the kiddie pool

mini golf with grammy and grandpa

Head to head climbing wall competition!

Proving that I'm the family champion at Pac-Man!

Cece fighting a boss battle in the Magi Quest game

Lea helping Cece out

Cece proudly displaying the prize tickets she won while playing her first tabletop RPG at Total Confusion

Playing a game together at the convention

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