Winter 2021 - 2022 Pictures

Angelina helping Ben put the star on the tree!

Christmas Eve dinner

Presents wrapped and under the tree

Chrismas morning

Opening stockings

Ben opening up a present

The kids enjoying opening presents together

Ben with Grampa and Grammy

Cece loves her giant owl!

Ben taking a picture of Cece with his first camera!

Angelina wrapped in her new mermaid blanket

Angelina is impressed by the stack of Manga that Cece received

Grampa with a new sudoku book

Ben enjoying his gifts

The girls liked the Hello Kitty poster that I had framed for Lea's new office

Ben dressed up to do some work

Grammy and Nero

Ben snuggled up with his favorite stuffed owl

Cal having fun climbing around the Christmas tree before we took it down

Cal and Nero playing in the tree

Ben playing in the snow

Hungry hungry hippos was a big hit

Cece and Ben sharing a blanket

Storytime at Rob's house

Cal hanging out on my shoulders while I go about my business

Angelina and Cece looking very grown up eating breakfast

Cal and Nero perched on top of my bed

Cece finishing a tower made of magnetiles

Cece showing off the completed tower

Angelina ensconced in her snow fort

Me and Ben reading our friend Pete's new book

Cal looking cute while I hold him

Cece petting one of the Dinosaurs on display at Faneuil Hall

Cal enjoying snuggling with Lea

Nero not particularly enjoying being held by Ben

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