Summer 2021 Pictures

Celebrating Cece's birthday!

Cece's birthday party at Boompa's pool

Cece and friends

Lea and Ben goofing around after dinner

Nero and Ben napping together on Lea

Ben sharing his breakfast with Nero

Out for dinner

Shootout between Matt and Vinny at our Fourth of July get-together...

...while Cece takes full advantage of Matt's slow reloads

Ben living his best life being Batman rolling through Uncle Tony's backyard at high rates of speed (in his Batman slippers, naturally)

Family photo on Dad's 75th birthday

Playing some old school Magic the Gathering!

Ben checking out his birthday present from Grammy and Grandpa!

Driving up and down the street!

The kids sharing a raft during Ben's birthday pool party

Ben is impressed with the cake that Lea baked him!

Singing happy birthday to Ben

On the train at the Roger Williams Zoo

Ben having a great time

Angelina excited to see the goats

Cece riding the carousel in Boston

Lea riding along with the girls!

Our August 2021 California vacation pictures

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