Spring 2021 Pictures

Ben "making money" on Momma's computer

Cal has figured out that small animals are often fed when they sit in this particular spot, so he is giving it a try.

Cece and Ben building with magnetiles

Playing around on the couch

Cal in scarf mode on Rosalia

Cece taking Ben and Nicky to the park

Ben climbing around

Angelina on Easter morning

Ben hunting for eggs

Cece checking the treehouse for eggs

Angelina and Cece at Uncle Tony's for Easter

Ben getting hugs from the Easter Bunny

Ben grappling with the implications of the existence of the Easter Bunny

Ben and Cece at the Eric Carle museum

Ben playing with his trucks

Snuggling on the couch

Wearing matching cameos! Angelina's is a family heirloom and Cece's is a gift from Aunt Judy.

Celebrating our 17th wedding anniversary in Boston!

The kitties don't see any problem with hanging out on the kitchen counter

Our nephew Dominic's high school graduation!

Cece and Ben hanging out with their cousins Stella and Matteo at Dominic's graduation party

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