Winter 2020 - 2021 Pictures

Ben playing in the snow

Cece still needs a bit of help putting the star on the tree!

Lea, Rosalia, and the girls having fun baking together

Christmas Eve Dinner

Grandpa and Cece reading to Ben

Presents wrapped and delivered!

Nero doing his best impression of a Christmas Tree ornament...

...along with Caligula, demonstrating why we don't have any fragile ornaments up this year

Christmas morning!

The girls enjoying a great gag gift from their cousins

opening presents together

Lea showing off her new Jane Austen mug

Cece's new favorite shirt

Grammy and Grandpa enjoying the festivities

opening presents

Ben playing with his new dino-cars

Ben riding around on his horse

Cal playing in the tree (shortly before he knocked it over)

Ben holding Caligula

Ben couldn't wait for us to set up the ball pit!

Ben and Jack having a grand old time in the ball pit

Caligula and Nero snuggling together on their cat tree

Angelina is annoyed that she doesn't have regular youtube

Cece and Cal

Cece and Ben building with magnetiles

One cat in my pocket, the other on my shoulder...

Ben outside the Legoland...

...and inside racing cars with Angelina!

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