Summer 2020 Pictures

Lea making a cake for the 4th of July

Me and Ben riding around the neighborhood together

Ben and Lea goofing around

Cooling off in Boompa's pool

Celebrating Ben's 2nd birthday with Nanny

Looking handsome on his 2nd birthday...

...and enjoying an icecream cone

Family photo at the Polar Caves in New Hampshire

Ben and Lea exploring

In a cave with the girls

Lea enjoying the scenery

Me and Ben on a ride at Santa's Village...

...right behind Angelina and Cece

Ben playing on a slide

Angelina enjoyed the chance to drive on this ride... did Cece...

...and Ben!!!

Ben playing in the waterpark...

...while the girls had fun on the waterslides

Angelina relaxing with a good book

Ben on his way outside to play

My parents celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary!

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