Spring 2020 Pictures

Ben being sweet with Teddy

The kids playing outdoors together

Ben and Teddy taking a nap together!

Quarantine snowman!

Ben took to his new scooter like gangbusters

Within a few days of getting the scooter he was cruising up and down the street like a maniac

Ben's first zoom meeting (with his preschool friends)

Enjoying morning coffee with Mama

Playing in the pool together at Cece's birthday party

Ben enjoying the sunshine

Cake for Cece!

And another Cake on her actual birthday, of course

Late night marshmallow toasting

Angelina and Cece making Danish butter cookies

Cece climbing up a tree

Ben making music

Angelina posing next to our yard sign congratulating her for graduating to Middle School

Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!

Ben playing with dinosaurs, while wearing dinosaur PJs

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