Winter 2019 - 2020 Pictures

Teddy is clearly relaxed

Angelina and Cece making gingerbread houses...

...for use in a special Christmas cake!

Finishing decorating the tree!

Christmas Eve dinner

All presents wrapped!

Teddy is annoyed that there is no room left under the tree for hiding

Christmas morning-- where to begin?

Cece opening presents

Grammy and Nanny enjoying the show

Angelina enjoying her presents

Lea expaining the "Perfection" game to the girls

Ben playing with his newest toy

Angelina and Cece looking beautiful together at Boompa's

Decorating Harry Potter themed cookies at Angelina's birthday party

and cupcakes!

Watching Frozen together

Opening presents

Learning swordplay at Arisia

Ben looking handsome

Ben trying on my boots

Ben on his way to the car

Teddy snuggled up with Lea

Jack's baptism with Matt and Courtney

Cece looking fancy at Jack's party

Ben: [eats kitty treat intended for Teddy]
Teddy: What the heck just happened?!!!

Playing Magic with Angelina

Lea working from home

Ben looking ready for bed

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