Summer 2017 Pictures

Angelina and Cece on their last day of the school year

Cece, always fashion forward

Angelina having a silly balloon hat made at Faneuil Hall

Cece with the start of her hat

August Road trip! The girls were blown away by the view from the Empire State Building

Cece taking it all in

Family photo from the observation deck

Angelina trying out the binoculars

Passing by the Chrysler Building on our way to Central Park

Checking out the Penguins at the Central Park Zoo

Making turtle faces

Taking the subway down to Greenwich Village to visit the Strand. Cece took advantage of the downtime...

...while Angelina thought that the train ride was better than Six Flags

Angelina in her natural habitat

Angelina giving the Strand a warm hug

Checking out the National Mall in Washington DC

Cece touching the moon rock at the Air & Space Museum

Angelina taking a picture of herself touching the moon rock

Lea and the girls by the Washington Monument

Me and Lea at the Lincoln Memorial

The girls posing by Lincoln's statue

Cece making friends with the museum cat at the Edgar Allen Poe museum in Richmond

Cece on the Skywheel at Myrtle Beach

Cece striking a pose ...

...while Angelina and Lea enjoyed the view

We found a great spot to watch the eclipse in Columbia, SC

Ready for the eclipse!

Just before the totality!

Visiting the apothecary at Colonial Williamsburg

geeking out with him over historical pharmaceuticals was one of the highlights of the trip for Lea

Angelina and Cece in the stocks

Visiting our cousins Gil and Roberta on our way up through Maryland

Family photo in front of the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia

The girls were excited to see Independence Hall and sang songs from the musical "1776" for a hefty portion of the drive back

Me in front of Independence Hall

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