Spring 2017 Pictures

Lea reading with Cece, while Craig and Angelina snuggle

Easter at Nana's!

Looking pretty in their dresses

Cece hunting for eggs...

...while Angelina does the same

Racing for eggs!

Angelina trying to find the last few

Cece with her haul

Hugs with the Easter Bunny!

Mom and Dad joining the fun

Getting ready for Easter Pinata

Cece taking her swing

Angelina going for hers

Mom holding a giant Hello Kitty balloon

Nana and the Easter Bunny

As soon as it was warm enough out the girls got their nail salon business running. Our awesome next door neighbor Linda was brave enough to be their first customer!

The girls teaching our neighbor Aisla to jump in puddles

Cece looking pretty in front of her school

Stella's first birthday party!

Cece starting on her pinata with her friends at her 6th birthday party

Singing happy birthday to her

Blowing out the candles ...

.... and enjoying the moment

Cece painting a birdhouse at the art center down the street

Craig "helping" Lea work from home

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