Summer 2016 Pictures

It's easy to see that Cece had fun on her first day at camp!

Celebrating the fourth

Out for dinner with Mom and Dad

Cece enjoying spending time with her Grandpa

Cece ready for bed

Lea catching her first Pokemon

Building a lego set with Grandpa

Cece looking like she's plotting something

Lea looking beautiful

The girls having fun at camp

I call this picture "A Drowzee and a Small Yellow Pokemon"

Angelina having fun at Parker's birthday party at The Children's Museum in Easton

Angelina riding the carousel on the Boston Common.

Lea and Cece on the carousel

Cece on the carousel...

...looking adorable as ever

Angelina meeting up with her old preschool teacher, Ms. Mardie, for ice cream

We tried to make it up North to go camping and see the meteor shower. Our plans were foiled by a rain storm, but the girls still had lots of fun camping out in the tent for the night.

Angelina reading in the tent

Cece can't wait to go camping again

Playing a demonstration game of "The Ninth Age" at Templecon

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