2016 Sicily Pictures

10/17/16 - 10/29/16

The view from a cafe near where we stayed

The view from Nick's Air BnB balcony

Cece taking in the view

Family picture with the town of Porticello in the background

Rosalia and Cece

The girls exploring the ancient ruins at Solunto

Cece climbing around

Me and the girls in the ruins

Lea's grandfather's family's old house

Cece quickly discovered the joy of Italian gelato

Exploring Cefalu with the Cefalu clan

Dominic and the girls

Baby Stella enjoyed the trip

Lea and the girls having fun

Cece striking a pose

A pretty streetscape in Cefalu

Me and Lea on the waterfront

Lea on the little beach there

Angelina watching the waves roll in

Walking across town to Lia and Salve's wedding in Porticello

Family picture in front of the church

Lea after the wedding

The girls looking pretty

Family picture! There were 16 of us there from the states, including Nana.

Nana and her sisters at the wedding reception

Cece had lots of fun dancing with her cousin Georgia

Cece sporting her Patriots jersey for game day

Stopping at Scopello for lunch...

...and to enjoy the amazing views...

...of the coastline and the sea

Heading to the beach at San Vito Lo Capo

The girls enjoying the beach...

...wading out in the warm water together...

and playing in the waves...

...and building sand castles

The girls writing in the journals they kept during the trip

A scenic overlook on the way up Mt Etna. The retaining walls were in surprisingly good shape on the highway... It turns out that everything we saw had been freshly rebuilt after a recent eruption!

Me and the girls climbing around one of the craters

Volcano selfie! There was a steady stream of smoke coming out of the main crater the whole time that we were there.

Me and Cece having fun

Lea and the girls posing in front of a map of Cefalu

The girls and a few of their cousins the night before we left

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