Summer 2015 Pictures

Cece picking strawberries

Angelina dressed as a bee at the Museum of Science

Angelina and her friend Lucy dancing together before a showing of "The Wizard of Oz" on the Esplenade

Family photo at Disneyland

Angelina riding the carousel

I'm not peeling well!

Cece had Merida in stiches with her joke about the Banana visiting the doctor

The girls enjoying a teacup ride

Cece and me having fun

Angelina and Lea looking striking together

Lea and Angelina on a rocketship ride

Lea having a great time just watching the girls

Cece looking cute at the rehearsal dinner for Celeste's wedding

Angelina loved the cactii at the venue in Simi Valley

The girls looking adorable in their flower girl dresses

Cece ready for the ceremony

Being issued their baskets of rose petals

A job well done

Rosalia ushering

The formal family photo from the wedding...

...and the formal shot of the flower girls with the Bride

Admiring the beautiful view

Cece at the reception

The girls goofing around

Dancing together

Cece on the dance floor!

Aunt Celeste dancing with Cece

Uncle Tony and Aunt Celeste, parents of the bride

Angelina monkeying around on the way to the beach

Angelina and Cece at the Point Dum beach in Malibu

They had so much fun running and jumping around

Cece touching the Pacific Ocean

Playing in the sand

Alan took this one of Lea and me in Malibu

When we got back we still had a lot to do on the new house, fortunately Uncle Tony and Lea's dad were able to do the hardest parts for us

*Kitteh facepalm*

Kate's birthday picnic

Daryl tried to teach the girls croquet (with mixed results)

and Cece had a blast playing with the little kids there

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