Spring 2015 Pictures

Cece with a dinosaur tattoo on her hand

hunting for Easter Eggs

Meeting the Easter Bunny...

Meeting the Easter Bunny...

...and dancing with her

Cece drawing

Angelina, I think that you are abusing your sticker paper privileges.

I told Angelina to eat her vegetables. She made this daddy-shaming sign and stuck it on me in retaliation...

...And this one for Lea shortly thereafter

Lea and Cece

Cece hanging out and looking pretty...

... and doing the blast off move while watching "Little Einsteins"

In April Ben & Jerry's introduced their "Brrrrrr-Ito." I endorse this product.

Cece showing off a picture of a sheep she made with fluff balls

Craig doing his best impression of a puddle on the living room floor

Angelina and Cece having fun at their friend Caleb's birthday party

Angelina and Caleb

Caleb and Angelina racing with Thomas and Cece

Cece cuddled up with Chococat...

... and Angelina cuddled up with a Rescue Princesses book

The new house in Milton!

Celebrating Cece's 4th birthday

Angelina's kindergarten graduation

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