Winter 2014 Pictures

Skiing in Waterville valley with Lea's dad...

... and Dominic

Angelina got off to a shaky start with her skiing lessons...

But worked hard at it...

...until she was bombing down the bunny slope like a pro!

Lea and the girls on Christmas morning

My parents enjoying the festivities

opening presents

and having fun

We had a great New Years party

Lea enjoying time with friends

Celebrating the end of a long year

We celebrated Angelina's birthday the following weekend

The girls enjoying new books...

...and shiny presents...

...with lots of friends

Cece demonstrating her pouty face

Angelina assembling a Goldie Blocks set from Celeste

Cece: "Daddy will not believe his eyes when we show him the fabric we bought. We will show it to him and he will freak the hell out.

This is freaking the hell out: 'Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"

Angelina in her ninja suit

Having fun mixing and matching pajamas

Helping out with the shoveling

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