Summer 2014 Pictures

Angelina and Cece ready for Independence Day celebrations

Courtney, Lea, and Amy celebrating

The girls at the payground on Boston Common, they had a ton of fun splashing around!

Angelina geared up for laser tag with the guys at Matt's birthday party

Super princesses!

Painting and drawing during an excursion to the MFA

Lea, about to rock out

Couldn't sleep a wink!  Must have been a pea under there somewhere!

Cece slumbering underneath a pile of pillows

Goofing around

Angelina telling a tragic tale of woe

Cece dancing to "Gangnam Style" in the car

Angelina riding her favorite unicorn at King Richard's Faire

Cece gave it a try as well

Cece having her face painted

Lots of old friends came out for our late summer party

B, Ben, and Zack

Cece having fun with her Nana

Angelina showing Cece around her new school at the open house

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