Spring 2014 Pictures

Angelina showing off her latest masterpiece

The girls ready for rain

Angelina having fun rock climbing at her friend Caleb's birthday party!

Cece's war face! Getting nerf marksmanship instruction from Mama.

Angelina prefers a weapon from a more civilized age

Angelina and Cece ready for Easter at their Nana's

Angelina running around

Cece hunting for eggs this way...

... and that

Lea and Cece goofing around

Cece "picking flowers" at the park down the street

For our tenth anniversary, Lea and I spent a week together in DC

Lea was excited to see the original USS Enterprise model

and I got to touch a moon rock (again)

Angelina's playdough rainbow

For Cece's third birthday Lea baked this amazing cake (featuring Olaf from Frozen)

Cece's favorite present was an automatic bubble blower...

... the kids couldn't get enough of the thing...

... and had a ton of fun!

Angelina writing her name on the blackboard at our local Frozen Yogurt joint

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