Winter 2012-2013 Pictures

Angelina in her pajamas with her cousins, Brian and Nicolette

The Tardis cake Lea made for Jim's birthday

Rosalia and Angelina looking cute together

Our Christmas card picture for 2012, taken on the Polar Express via the Edaville RR

Christmas Eve

Starting to open up presents on Christmas morning

Angelina opening one of hers

Cece taking a break from presents to read one of her new books

Lea reading the girls a new Elephant & Piggie book

Cece and Angelina playing with new toys

Angelina and Grandpa reading a box together

Angelina's 4th birthday party!

Angelina while we were singing "Happy Birthday"

Blowing out the last candle

Opening presents, surrounded by her friends and family

New Years Party! We all had a great time!

Graham dancing for Rob and Sharon

Marina and Sharon enjoying champagne

Kim striking a pose

When things started winding down around 3am Cece was still wide awake and drawing with crayons.

Courtney and Angelina snuggling

Cece, still wide awake...

... and hugging her Mama...

... and climbing on top of her!

Safest place in Boston

My favorite sign at the pro 2nd amendment rally at the State House on 1/19/13

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