Spring 2012 Pictures

Often we would wake up the girls by putting them into Angelina's bed together. This time that technique backfired.

Angelina and her cousin Brian hunting for Easter eggs

Angelina bringing her haul back inside

Cecelia had a long day

Angelina enjoying the first nice Saturday morning of the year!

Cecelia enjoying being outside

Cece and Angelina looking cute together in matching T-shirts

Kate and Daryl exchanging vows!

Mr. and Mrs. St. Laurent!

V and Falk

Helene doing her impression of me on the dance floor...

Lea, Helene and me with the bride!

Angelina goofing around with wands we brought back from Disney World

Rosalia holding Cece

My nephew Brian with his new kitten

Lea holding Cece

Cece having fun on a swing!

Angelina decided that if she had to dress up for Uncle Tony and Aunt Celeste's Anniversary party she might as well break out her Cinderella dress!

Angelina coloring with her cousins Joseph and Ryan

Cece's cake at her first birthday party!

She thoroughly enjoyed it once she woke up a bit

Lots of folks came by...

... with lots of great presents to open!

Hanging out with Matt, Graham, and Zuger

My Mom and Dad with Cece

Cece having fun climbing on Graham

Cece and her Mama both had a great time at the party!

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